About us

We live to produce stunning images from the air and on the ground and to combine them into engaging videos and photo sets that will help you to inform and inspire.

Drone and camera technology have both come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and together they now offers a myriad of potential applications that wouldn'thave been possible only a few years ago.

As the technology costs come down, the technology becomes more and more accessible, but there are some key considerations you should observe if you're interested in acquiring aerial images.

  • Is it safe?
    At Images Above Ltd, all our pilots have undertaken intensive training with Civial Aviation Authority accredited training organisations and have a detailed understanding of all safety considerations from preparation of equipment to understanding how to interpret the potential hazards of the flying site. Every project will start with a risk assessment and some projects may not even be undertaken if safety cannot be assured. In the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, our flying activities are cover by public liability insurance.

  • Is it legal?
    The Civil Aviation Authory controls all air space in the UK and has laid down some clear guidelines on how drones should be used. Legally, commercial aerial work can only be undertken where permission has been granted by the CAA. In order to gain this permission, pilots must demonstrate through written and practical examination that they are able to undertake this type of work in a safe manner. We understand these requirements and have obtained permission for aerial work from the CAA.

  • Data protection and privacy are also very important to us and will be a major consideration when capturing and managing all images